Honors & History

Honoring local champions of progress through awards recognizes their contributions and reinforces Nia's commitment to celebrating and uplifting those who embody our mission of empowerment, legacy building, and community advancement.

Juneteenth Legacy Project (J19LP)

The Juneteenth Legacy Project aims to recontextualize Juneteenth as a pivotal moment in the arc of U.S. history. It retells the story of its genesis and its historical and contemporary relevance. The project serves as a platform for illuminating and amplifying a complete tale of Juneteenth.

Juneteenth Legacy Project (J19LP) logo
Ms. Juneteenth Contestants

Nia's Legacy of Recognition

Nia Cultural Center received a 2024 grant from the Houston Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Arts Network and Fund (BANF). BANF provides “resources and networks that support the vibrant Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern and other communities of color of Greater Houston in fully displaying their power, values and traditions.”

Honoring Our Community Champions

The Kwanzaa Village Keeper Award

This award, given annually, recognizes the tireless work of community members who have made significant contributions to improving the lives of our citizens.

The Distinguished Elder Award

This annual award is presented to community elders who have dedicated themselves to helping create and sustain the community’s well-being.

The Champions of Freedom Award

This award is bestowed annually upon those who have fought for civil or human rights and those who helped advocate for making Juneteenth a national holiday.