Art & Culture

At Nia Cultural Center, we provide a welcoming space for artists of all backgrounds. We embrace visual and performance arts to celebrate and showcase the diverse talents within our community.

The Juneteenth Headquarters and Gallery by The Nia Cultural Center

The Juneteenth Headquarters & Gallery

The notion of Absolute Equity comes to life at the Juneteenth Headquarters and Art Gallery. Your journey begins with experiencing our art installation and storytelling space, a 5,000-square-foot representation of history that moves from enslavement to the pursuit of freedom. The Juneteenth Headquarters is a creative and inclusive space where our rich heritage thrives, and every voice is celebrated and honored. The space offers a unique opportunity to celebrate African American culture, history, and achievements through community gatherings and events that foster a profound sense of unity and pride.

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Art & Culture programs by Nia
Art & culture youth at Nia
Celebrating Black Art & Culture then, now, always!
Juneteenth Legacy Project Headquarters and art gallery.
Juneteenth Legacy Project Headquarters and art gallery.


Some of the arts and cultural events we host (or participate in) include:


Book Clubs

Art Walks (about every six weeks)

Emancipation Celebration (concert)


Kwanzaa celebrations

Art auctions (themed or event-based)

Annual Kwanzaa celebrations hosted by the Nia Cultural Center

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